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two women work together on care coordination and case managementIf you have received mental health treatment before, you know that real recovery and transformation require work. The journey is long, and your awareness and dedication to life-long wellness is an investment in the search for meaning and purpose. Parents will notice this even more acutely in their teens who are in need of individual and group therapy, as they are doing the “double-duty” of looking deep into their emotions and behaviors while at the same time growing up to find their place in society and the greater world community. 

No One Heals in a Vacuum

We know this is never easy, and nothing so complex is “solved’ with just a few particular medications. That’s why our team of compassionate mental health professionals at Beyond Healthcare believes deeply in a holistic, community-based approach to mental health therapy. We want our adolescents and families to forge a life-long connection within our Toledo community and to feel like they have agency in creating their own connections in the world. In fact, we have an entire program called Community Connections which brings you together with alumni, families, and a vast pool of professionals that want to help you. Learn more about this unique bonding environment here.

Far too often, people who need mental health treatment find themselves in an endless loop of appointments and revolving doors, floating through a system that never seems to care enough to truly move them forward. Sound familiar?

Mental Healthcare for Adolescents & Teens

Beyond Healthcare was created to address the complex web of factors that our learners must face on their journey, and we never close the door to our community or our support systems. Making sure that you and your adolescents always move forward means that our professional care coordinators and case managers are there to watch the big picture and ensure that every possible resource is used to its highest potential for your family’s quest to maintain life-long wellness. We specialize in treating the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • ADHD
  • Oppositional defiance

Your Own Team of Mental Health Advocates

Beyond Healthcare will provide you and your teens with care guardians that will catch issues that might easily slip through the cracks at other institutions or care facilities. The last thing we would ever want is to see you slip through the cracks of the modern mental healthcare system.

Care coordination and case management are evidence-based roles that allow our team members to advocate for your adolescent. We believe that many cases of psychiatric hospitalization can be avoided with the right outpatient mental health therapy for adolescents and teens.

Our Services Are Covered By Medicaid

No matter how far you’ve come, we know that wider community support is critical to helping adolescents and teens overcome mental health issues. This is where case managers step up to provide holistic and assertive community treatment that can include: 

  • Housing assistance
  • Ongoing social relationships and community participation
  • Employment
  • Advocacy for outside support services

These professional members of our community are dedicated to your life-long wellness far beyond the walls of the Beyond Healthcare Toledo care center.

Begin Your Mental Health Treatment Journey at Beyond Healthcare

Call us at 833.698.0453 and learn about how our care coordination and case management will work with you to build holistic treatment solutions convenient for you, your teen, and your family. The team at Beyond Healthcare will answer all of your questions whether you are new to teen mental health treatment and therapy or are a veteran of other failed systems that did not give you the community you deserve. We accept both Medicaid and private insurance.