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a child participates in multimodal therapyParents of adolescents and teens with attention and hyperactivity issues often worry about getting a formal diagnosis of ADHD because they believe that the doctor may jump to medication as the easy fix. Other parents may be eager to see if medication will help their adolescent.

At Beyond Healthcare, we take a holistic approach to all our adolescents and teens, making sure that everything from diagnosis to post-therapy support is carefully customized just for them. That is why we use multimodal therapy, which includes many forms of behavioral therapy that are tailored for our learners with ADHD. 

Multimodal Therapy Builds Skills

In many cases, medication is a useful tool that our learners can benefit from. But we believe that they can do more than just cope. We want them to flourish in their lives with the help of effective symptom management skills and to understand their own drives and emotions. To that end, Multimodal therapy includes:

  • Building parental skills – This teaches parents how to create environments and situations for their adolescent that avoid overstimulation and encourage positive behavior with tools like token systems and reward cards.
  • Behavioral therapy for the adolescent – This is focused on changing their thinking and coping patterns directly and can include practical assistance with daily scheduling and other organizational plans.
  • Social skills training – Our professionals will work with your adolescent to model social situations and how to be an effective participant. Learners practice taking turns, sharing, asking for help, and more complex tasks like reading emotions in the facial expressions of others.
  • Relaxation skills training – When adolescents are relaxed, their attention spans increase as well as their ability to complete tasks. Therapists will guide adolescents through techniques to become more aware of their physical reactions to stress and emotions. Armed with an understanding of this type of on-the-spot neurofeedback, our learners can become experts at calming themselves.

Multimodal Therapy is Fun and Engaging

Beyond Healthcare is centered around community, and that means our families are happy and engaged in therapy. Our learners should not only feel welcome and included but excited to participate in our programs. We use positive movement to help adolescents learn more about themselves and develop new habits. Some of the activities involved in this approach include:

  • Motivational
  • Cognitive
  • Mindfulness
  • Group therapy
  • Meditation

Multimodal therapy goes far beyond medication, as any good behavioral therapy regimen should.

Community Connections

Beyond Healthcare builds mental health therapies around a holistic approach that puts a high value on maintaining a supportive and inclusive community. Adolescents and teens need to feel heard and included in order to thrive in their lives, and sometimes that means they need to connect with professionals who can arm them with good coping skills.

Community Connections is a program at Beyond Healthcare that brings together alumni, families, and a vast pool of professionals that want to help you and your teen. A supportive and accepting network is one of the cornerstones of treatment at Beyond Healthcare.

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