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If you would like your adolescent or teen to receive daytime mental health services, Beyond Healthcare has flexible solutions to meet your needs. In our intensive outpatient programs, adolescents receive the care they need and return home at night to spend time with their families or complete their studies. Outpatient treatment introduces adolescents to our Toledo, Ohio, mental health services in a friendly, inclusive environment. At Beyond Healthcare, we strive to provide an exciting environment for adolescents and not embarrassing for teens. If you are looking for a mental health services provider that accepts Medicaid, contact Beyond Healthcare at 833.698.0453.

Teen Group Therapy Session

How Does Group Therapy Work?

Mental health group therapy provides intensive therapeutic services for adolescents and teenagers who need help with social skills, conflict resolution, general life outlook, and productivity. This option is a great alternative for learners who find that they don’t always get the attention they need during school hours.

To get started, adolescents in our care receive a psychiatric evaluation to clarify mental health disorders, strengths, and challenges. Using this evaluation as a guide, our multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners creates an individual treatment plan for each learner. The program addresses mental and emotional wellness through a combination of holistic and science-based approaches, including the following:

  • Guided group therapy 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Strengths-based approaches

Participating in an intensive outpatient program allows adolescents to concentrate on healing and growth. Our mental health professionals design all treatment programs with the needs of adolescents in mind. 

Youth, Family & Adult Therapy

The comprehensive approach taken by Beyond Healthcare includes family members in each learner’s care plan. As a result, parents can stay updated on their adolescents’ progress and learn how to help them heal. Many loved ones attend family and adult therapy to gather advice on providing optimal conditions at home. This program also gives family members a place to exchange ideas and stories. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Our Mental Health Services? 

School and daily life can be overwhelming for teens who have mental health issues, which can be just as damaging as the depression that comes from isolation. Use the following questions to determine whether Beyond Healthcare could work for your adolescent:

  • Has your adolescent been diagnosed with mental health disorders?
  • Does your adolescent struggle to interact with other adolescents and teens?
  • Have weekly outpatient therapies proven unsuccessful?
  • Does your adolescent respond well in group therapy sessions? 

If you feel that your adolescent could benefit from intensive outpatient treatment or after-school treatment programs, contact Beyond Healthcare for more information on our unique approach. We believe in creating a positive mental health diagnosis and playing to your adolescent’s strengths. We work very hard to understand your adolescent’s needs and commit to working with them one-on-one as well as introducing them to group therapy with their peers. We believe all adolescents deserve access to high-quality mental healthcare and the treatment programs that will help them thrive. Beyond Healthcare offers mental healthcare and education to support adolescents and teens in stress management, regulating emotions, managing depression, and other mental health concerns.

Individual and Group Therapy at Beyond Healthcare

Your adolescent doesn’t have to suffer through mental health disorders on their own. If your family needs help, the experts at Beyond Healthcare in Toledo, Ohio, are ready to meet the challenges and help your adolescent work toward positive mental health goals. By addressing mental health disorders at a young age, our programs give learners a better chance at leading happy, well-adjusted lives. Contact us at 833.698.0453 today for more information on how to get your adolescent involved in this positive outreach program.