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When children and teens suffer from mental health issues, the whole family is affected. Professional diagnosis for a particular condition like depression or anxiety is only the first step in a treatment process that will require the support and empathy of many people in the wider community. There is a spectrum of care options available that parents should understand before they sign their adolescent up with any particular mental health services.a group of teens participate in an intensive outpatient program

Many teens who are able to avoid full inpatient hospitalization still have a profound need for support. Basic mental health outpatient care may not be enough, especially if their school does not provide special needs support or counseling. When life becomes unmanageable for you and your adolescent, it might be time to consider an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that is specifically designed for children and teens.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Gives Your Adolescent Access to Rigorous Care While Also Letting Them Keep Their Lives

Many mental health conditions in adolescents and teens are expressed by antisocial behavior, isolation, self-harming behaviors, and other chronic symptoms that make daily life a constant struggle. In an IOP, they will be closely monitored by doctors and professionals on a regular basis and receive targeted therapy to build survival skills. A good IOP will include the following features:

  • Customized individual therapy — Excellent care providers like Beyond Healthcare understand that the best evidence-based treatment strategies are holistic. The adolescent in a Beyond Healthcare IOP will work intensively with therapists who see the whole person and build authentic and relevant strategies to their unique experiences. 
  • Group therapy with peers in the same program — Well-trained therapists guide small groups of learners to build authentic communication and bonding skills. By hearing about the real-life challenges and solutions of people they can identify with, anxiety and isolation are effectively reduced. Beyond Healthcare believes that a durable and lasting social support network is key to avoiding future behavioral relapse. 
  • Medication and care management — A good program will watch over medication and physical health and organize lasting strategies for aftercare that will follow the learner after they complete treatment. Mental health wellness requires a lifetime of vigilance and dedication, not just quick fixes with prescribed drugs and erratic therapy.
  • Flexible scheduling — Beyond Healthcare provides day treatment, afterschool and weekend programs, and other alternative treatment contacts like telehealth and community outreach. An IOP must be comprehensive and rigorous, but it has to work with the learner so that normal life isn’t interrupted. 
  • Therapy and support for the entire family — Adolescents who suffer from mental health conditions don’t exist in a vacuum. A truly holistic program like Beyond Healthcare has family counseling and other services that guarantee you will be directly involved in your adolescent’s progress. Everyone in your family will get the help they need to thrive together.

Beyond Healthcare’s IOP is Built Around Personalized and Welcoming Social Connections

All of our learners are brought into an inclusive community that shares their goals for a thriving life after treatment. We have a special program called Community Connections that goes beyond therapy to bring you together with other families, alumni of our programs, and our full team of professionals. We want your family to have every possible chance to build lasting support structures that will follow you after treatment. 

Like all our therapeutic tools, Community Connections is inclusive of all people and draws power from the community at large to support our learners’ minds, bodies, and spirits. To see more details about the Community Connections philosophy, have a look here. 

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We are particularly focused on adolescent and teens aged 11-17 and their mental health, but we want your family to receive any and all support we can offer for mental health conditions. Our learners go through a comprehensive psychiatric assessment that not only identifies challenges but finds strengths-based approaches that the whole family can use. Treatment is always individualized and can include many different aspects like:

  • Movement therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Trauma treatment 
  • Community care coordination/program  
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Motivational enhancement therapy 
  • Behavioral modification programs
  • Crossmodal therapy 

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Reach out to us at 833.698.0453 and ask for more details about any of our programs, and find out how we can begin creating a comprehensive plan for your adolescent or teen that will have a lasting effect on their mental health, as well as your own.