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a group participates in a partial hospitalization programFinding the right treatment program for your adolescent or teen who struggles with a mental health condition takes time and patience. It is not uncommon for teens to enter therapy through intensive outpatient programs after they are diagnosed, only to discover that their symptoms are not improving and their conditions are deeper or more complex than first indicated.   

Teens need a strong and caring community to grow and thrive in therapy. Mental health services provide different levels of care depending on need, and the best healthcare providers tailor their programs to support adolescents and teens with an individualized spectrum of treatment solutions. We are available Monday-Friday. Our PHP program is 5x per week and the program runs from 9 am-3:30 pm. Individual therapy, family involvement, medication management, and care coordination are also offered.

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an Excellent Holistic Solution for Adolescents and Teens

Enrolling an adolescent or teen in a residential inpatient program is a big step, and it should only be taken if their symptoms require constant medical oversight. Outpatient programs are a good alternative, but sometimes it isn’t enough to address their needs and support healthy functioning at school and home. 

Does My Adolescent or Teen Need a PHP?

  • Ideal for adolescents aged 13-17 with intensive mental health concerns who have recently completed inpatient or residential care
  • Ideal for adolescents who are struggling with returning to school after a mental health problem, and need additional support
  • Adolescents in the PHP program can cooperate within a group setting but need additional therapy and care due to the severity of their mental health symptoms or behaviors
  • Adolescents learn how to understand and manage their mental health conditions so their symptoms reduce and coping skills increase, which reduces repeat hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and risky behavior
  • Tutoring and education are provided so the stress associated with “getting behind on schoolwork” is eliminated
  • Monday-Friday; 5x per week
  • Program runs 9 am-3:30 pm
  • Individual therapy, family involvement, medication management, and care coordination offered

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are designed to fill that gap. They accommodate flexible scheduling with weekend and after-school appointments but with medically supervised clinical structures and frequent face-to-face counseling. This has been shown to be very effective at treating adolescent and teens who are struggling in daily life due to any of the following:

  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Trauma recovery
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Emotional disturbance
  • Self-injurious behaviors
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Substance abuse

Our professionals at Beyond Healthcare want to support your whole family and make sure that treatment schedules can be matched to your lifestyle and community. We offer:

  • Family education and involvement in therapy
  • assessment and diagnosis for a wide range of mental health challenges and disorders
  • Day treatment and after-school programs
  • Telehealth and community outreach programs
  • Medication management
  • Professional care coordination and case management for your entire family

Visit Our Mental Health Center for Community Connections 

Community Connections is a well-established support network strategy that draws from our professional staff, our learner families, and empathetic program alumni who care deeply about the work we do. Long after our learners compete for a PHP or similar program, they will still have a group of friends that they can always reach out to. To learn more about Community Connections or details about our other programs, take a look here.

Toledo Therapy for Adolescents & Teens

Our treatment team will work with each family to determine the appropriate length of your program. This will be determined by progress on your individual goals, symptom reduction, and readiness for less intensive care. Not sure what group program is best for you? We are here to help you determine what would help your adolescent the best. Call us for a free consultation at 833.698.0453.