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Beyond Healthcare believes that for an adolescent to heal, the whole family must also heal. Your whole family is welcome in our safe, stable, nurturing environment. Family involvement is a foundational part of our treatment programs at Beyond Healthcare.

Family therapy can help you and your loved ones work through conflict, develop effective communication skills, and heal from the effects of trauma or mental health issues. Adolescents and teens thrive when they have consistent support from their loved ones. Family therapy can help make that a reality.

At Beyond Healthcare, you’ll find a vibrant community that will support you every step of the way on your path to wellness. Schedule an appointment by contacting us today at 833.698.0453.

What to Expect in Family Therapy

We offer treatment for the whole family in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment. Care coordinators ensure that your family’s medical and basic needs are met while in treatment, which can relieve stress and help you focus on healing.

Family therapy is designed to supplement individual therapy. If your adolescent is in our intensive outpatient program or is participating in one-on-one therapy, family therapy can help you learn how to support them in their progress.

In family therapy sessions, you’ll work with an experienced therapist to examine how you’ve handled challenges in the past, such as issues relating to a loved one’s struggle with their mental health. You’ll discuss how you can work through challenges in a healthy way and can build tools to overcome potential obstacles. Your therapist will help guide these sessions, but the involvement of every family member is essential.

Beyond Healthcare can also help your family heal through:

  • Parental coaching – Help for parents of adolescents with mental health issues, behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities
  • Education programs – Siblings and parents can learn about how to best support their loved one
  • Support groups – Our Community Connections group provides parents with a network of support
  • Community resources – Your care coordinator can connect you with resources to help with housing and medical care

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy can be beneficial in times when your family is facing challenges and you need extra support. Family transitions such as divorce or moving to a new city can be stressful, and the guidance of a therapist can help you weather these changes. Therapy can also be helpful during times of grief and loss.

As a result of family therapy sessions, you might discover the following benefits:

  • More effective coping skills in times of stress
  • Stronger communication between family members
  • Increased levels of trust
  • Confidence that you can overcome challenges in the future.

It’s possible for the parents of adolescents with mental health issues to struggle with their mental health as well. During family therapy, it’s possible that you might learn more about yourself. We encourage parents to participate in individual therapy as well as family therapy. In individual therapy, you’ll learn how to manage the symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety and depression and how to build healthier relationships with your loved ones.

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Reach out to our team to learn more about family therapy and our other mental health services. We offer a wide range of mental health therapies for adolescents, teens, and the whole family. Additionally, we make it convenient for families to access the care they need. We can meet you in your home, in the community, in our center, or even virtually through our telehealth services.

Take the first step by contacting us at 833.698.0453 or reaching out online. At Beyond Healthcare, we’ll help your family heal.